Thursday, February 11, 2010

Giveaway from House of Blue Damask

wah giveaway yang semestinya puteri nak joint, tak leh miss peluang ni... mana tau dapat tgk hasil kerja tangan kak Iren yang sememangnya cukup cantik dan yg lebih mahal ialah ianya lain dari yg lain.... so ni homeworknya :-

Grab this button - copy the code & paste it somewhere visible on your blog. - DONE

Once it is done, say hello & let me know. Leave a short message at the shout box with your blog's URL - ORAIT

No, you DO NOT have to make an entry on your blog about it. Well, it would be nice if you do, but it's not necessary. - ISSHH MESTI NAK WAT N3 PUNYA

Oh, you can be a blog follower if you are not (and want to be updated with whatever I'm up to - craft projects and what not or the result). - SUDAHHHH...

ok itu je kan.... selamat bercuti buat rakan-rakan semua... mari la kita manfaatkan cuti kita sebaik-baiknya... daaaa

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